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AED for LIFE Program

The Regional EMS Foundation believes it is important to make our community aware of and have access to AEDs. If you have your doors open to the public, there is a chance that you may need an AED! Learn more >

Project Brock

In 2013, we have formed a partnership with Project Brock Society which was formed after 16 year old Brock Ruether collapsed in sudden cardiac arrest at his high school volleyball practice. There was an AED in the school, however no one felt comfortable using it, and devastatingly, Brock passed away. Learn more >

Talk To Me Society

The Regional EMS Foundation is proud to partner with the Talk To Me Society to increase awareness and education of mental health to first responders in our community. Learn More >

Mobile Training Simulation Unit

This unit is equipped with a state of the art wireless mannequin capable of realistic responses such as  sweating, crying, talking, bleeding, and allows for actual live saving procedures to be practiced. The scenario is conducted by examiners in the front compartment of the unit, who are able to deliver the scenario through the audio visual equipment.  Learn more >

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