AED for LIFE Program

The Regional EMS Foundation believes it is important to make our community aware of and have access to AEDs.  If you have your doors open to the public, there is a chance that you may need an AED!

The Program

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. This device delivers shock to people who have collapsed due to sudden cardiac arrest.  When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the heart is not beating normally or has stopped completely. If the heart is still beating, it may be doing so in a variety of different rhythms. The AED detects two chaotic heart rhythms, Ventricular Tachycardia OR Ventricular Fibrillation, both which are shockable rhythms.  The shock will reset the electrical node in the heart, hopefully having it restart in a more stable, life sustaining heart rhythm.

The Regional EMS Foundation has been involved with placing over 400 AEDs in our region and we still have work to do!

The Board of Directors and staff encourage you to join us in our movement to make our region a safer place to be! With more AEDs available, along with people who understand how to use them we will be ready to act and potentially save a life!!

For your $2600 contribution to the Regional EMS Foundation, an AED will be placed in your business which includes:

  • Storage cabinet and signage
  • Electrodes and batteries
  • Patient preparation kit
  • Delivery and installation (if required)

For more information on how to join our program and get an AED for your workplace, contact the Regional EMS Foundation at (780) 513-5290.

Supporters of AED for Life Program

          • Keddies
          • PWSD
          • GPPSD
          • GPCSD
          • Goodfare Community Hall
          • Lochead Fertilizer
          • Rotary House
          • St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
          • ATB Financial – Southview
          • MNP
          • Teepee Creek Agricultural Centre
          • Dimsdale Recreation Society
          • Hi Tech Business Systems
          • Grande Spirit Foudnation
          • Tri Tech Safety & Training
          • Deverdenne Davis Cyr LLP
*if you don’t see your AED on the website listing please connect here to update.


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